What are MICROPOPZ! ?

They are mini Marvel figurines with a suction cup bottom. You can stick them to almost any flat surface or take them with you wherever you go.

How does this promotion work?

Between May 2 and June 26, 2018, Kroger customers in participating stores will receive 1 FREE MARVEL MICROPOPZ package (limited to 10 MICROPOPZ! packages per transaction) for every $30 they spend, on almost anything in participating Kroger stores. During Mega Events, you can even get more for free when you buy Mega Event products.

Is there a limit to the amount of MARVEL MICROPOPZ! I can collect?

There are 24 different Marvel character MICROPOPZ! available to collect, but you can collect as many MICROPOPZ! as you want! So, if you get two of the same, try trading with a friend! There is a limit of 10 free MICROPOPZ! per transaction, while supplies last. You can also buy extra MICROPOPZ! for 99¢.

Do I have to buy them ?

No!  They are FREE – 1 with every $30 you spend in Kroger stores. You can also buy them for 99cents each. During our Mega Events, you can even get more for free when you buy Mega Event products.

What are the different MARVEL MICROPOPZ! characters I can collect? 

There are 24 Marvel MICROPOPZ! characters to collect, including:

  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Falcon
  • Hawkeye
  • The Vision
  • War Machine
  • Loki
  • Ultron
  • Red Skull
  • Spider-man
  • Star-Lord
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Groot
  • Nick Fury

How do I get a specific character ?

Keep getting MICROPOPZ!  There is an equal chance of getting each character.

Are these available online or other stores?

No!  The only place in the country to get these Marvel MICROPOPZ! collectables is Kroger!  You will also get them with your ClickList shopping. And the promotion will end June 26.

What is the app for ?

Use the app to experience augmented reality with 6 different Marvel heroes. Throughout the stores you will see floor stickers, stanchion posters and both displays showing special markers. Download and open the app, go to the scanning part, hold your phone over the marker an a Marvel hero will appear. You can take your picture with him/her and post it on social media with #KrogerMICROPOPZ. The app also has an overview of the entire collection for you to track how far you are with your collection. 

What Kroger stores are eligble for this promotion?

This promotion is only valid at Kroger stores in Virginia; North Carolina; West Virginia; Proctorville, Belpre and Marietta, Ohio; Russell and Ashland, Kentucky; and Kingsport and Johnson City, Tennessee.

What items are excluded from the eligible $30 spent?

Eligible Purchases shall consist of those retail purchases made at any MidAtlantic Division Kroger store. Purchase of Alcohol, Tobacco, Government Assisted Pharmacy Expenses, Postage Stamps, Kroger Co. Family of Stores Gift cards, Green Dot Prepaid Reloadable products, MoneyPaks, 1-2-3 Rewards Reloadable Visa PrePaid Debit Cards, ReCharge Cards, Bottle Deposits, Lottery and Promotional tickets, Money Orders, Western Union, Fuel and Sales Tax are excluded from eligible purchases. Eligible pharmacy purchases include out of pocket co-pays
for non-government assisted pharmacy programs.

What’s a Collector Album, and where can I get one? 

The limited-edition Collector Album is a case where you can collect and showcase your Marvel MICROPOPZ! characters! The albums can be purchased for $2.99 (while quantities last) at participating Kroger stores.